Sasha Zapadnyi - Jam 45

Accordion based disco influenced dance music.

Song list:

Jam 45


All music by Sasha Zapadnyi (Alex Burei)
Mixed by Sergei Kravtsov
Mastered by Dharmendra Chakrasali

Sasha Zapadnyi - Jam 45
Genre: House Dance Accordion
Date of Release: 24 December 2011

Release Notes:

MixTape INDIA - Volume 5 is catagorised under Easy Listening (Rock)

Track List :

1. Summit Attempt - Journey Within (2008)Self Release
2. SitarSonic feat. Ethnical Vibes - Birds in dub (2010)Self Release
3. Avi - Nithari (2010)Self Release
4. Bliss Logic - Trying (2009)Bliss Logic Records
5. Axcorcist - Digi (2010)Self Release
6. Summit Attempt - Some People (2008)Self Release
7. Crash TV - My Friend (2010)Self Release
8. Junkerry - Jaoji (2010)Self Release
9. Skinny Alley - Fence (2003)Virgin EMI
10. SitarSonic - Broadlands Hotel (2003)SitarSonic Records
11. Crash TV - Server Is Down (2010)Self Release


      Thanks to all the artists for allowing this to happen.

      Avi (Gurguon, Haryana)
      Axcorcist (Bangalore)
      Bliss Logic (Mumbai)
      Crash TV (Bangalore)
      Junkerry (Canacona, Goa)
      Skinny Alley (Kolkata)
      SitarSonic (Goa)
      Summit Attempt (Mumbai)

      Cover Photo : Sourabh Bhutani -
      Graphic Artist : Yellamma Soundatthi

MixTape INDIA - Volume 5
Genre: Compilation
Date of Release: 10 February 2011

Track List : 

1. Axcorcist - Still I am Sad   (2010)Self Release
2. Achintya Shakti - Not an Ideal World  (1999)ORBIS Records
3. SummerPint jUNkie - Tired Blood  (2009)Self Release
4. The Down Troddence - Death Vanity  (2009)Self Release
5. Acrimony India - Smash \'em Good  (2010)Self Release 
6. Sinister Violence - Suicidal Tendency  (2009)Self Release
7. Lucid Recess - The Maze (2007)LR Records
8. In Human - In Human Morality (2010)Self Release
9. Amortize - Law of Suicide  (2010)Self Release
10. Demonic Resurrection - Where Shadows Lie  (2005)Demonstealer Records


Achintya Shakti (Vrindavan UP), 
Acrimony India (Bophal MP), 
Amortize (Mumbai), 
Axcorcist (Bangalore), 
Demonic Resurrection (Mumbai), 
In Human (Kolkata), 
Lucid Recess (Guwahati, Assam), 
Sinister Violence (Darjeeling WB),  
SummerPint jUNkie (Mumbai), 
The Down Troddence (Kannur, Kerala), 

Cover Photo : Meena Kadri,
Graphic Artist : Yellamma Soundatthi

MixTape INDIA - Volume 4
Genre: Compilation
Date of Release: 22 January 2011

Track List: 

1) Smile
2) You Were Gone
3) Trying To Be Perfect
4) Sunshine
5) Tonight
6) Doves Fly By
7) Warm No More
8) Forever
9) Sunburnt


All songs written by Saransh Agarwal

Saransh Agarwal - Sunburnt
Genre: Rock
Date of Release: 5 November 2010